Since 2002 co-founders, husband and wife Rick and Vicki Kardos and the Nathan Project leadership team have engaged the ‘pornified’ culture in and out of the Evangelical Church in a battle for the health of the family unit. They live and keep the Nathan Project home office in Goffstown, NH. They attend Christ’s Church of Amherst in Amherst, NH holding past and current leadership roles in worship and men’s ministry.

Rick Kardos

Founder & Executive Director

Rick brings real life experiences as a healthy survivor of sexual addiction that began at age 13 and extensive training to build and oversee For Men Only (FMO) small groups from Pure Desire Ministries International in Gresham, OR. He is a Certified Pastoral Sexual Addiction Specialist through AACCSAS and a trained Genesis Counselor through Michael Dye’s Genesis Process Program. He provides limited crisis counseling to men in the early stages of admission to their struggle with pornography and sexual brokenness and the difficulty of full disclosure.

For the past 12 years he has lead and continues to lead an FMO group near his home. As executive director of the ministry he engaged the men in New England in regarding the use of pornography and addiction as the key workshop presenter for Iron Sharpens Iron Conference Ministry. Speaking to over 6,000 men meant growth from the one FMO group in 2003 to as many as fifty groups across New England. Rick edited and self publishes First Steps a four week guide FMO leaders use to introduce FMO and educate men on its operation before they enter a group. He and Vicki have 3 children, 2 living in NH and one in MO and 2 grandchildren only 4 minutes from their home.

Vicki Kardos

Co-Founder & Director of Women's Program and Ministry

Vicki brings the real life experience of being married to and dealing with the compulsive behavior of an addict. She also has extensive training and experience building and leading For Women Only – Betrayed Heart (FWO) groups for spouses. She co-authored a curriculum for a follow up group to Betrayed Heart Changing the Shadow of our Future dealing with codependency and boundaries.  She also edited a collection of presentations by Vicki, Rick and other experts in the SA field His Problem—Her Dilemma the First Aid Kit to help the female partner better understand the issues surrounding SA and how it affects their lives. (E-mail orders for this set of CDs are received at

She is a Certified Pastoral Sexual Addiction Specialist through AACCSAS and a Certified Genesis Counselor - M. Dye’s Genesis Process. Vicki now sees clients using her Genesis training 3 days per week and leads FWO groups in the fall and spring of each year. Since leading her first group in 2003 FWO groups are now operating in as many as 11 churches in NH, MA, VT, ME and CT.

Both Rick and Vicki are available to present the Nathan Project plan and function of Christian solutions to sexual brokenness in workshops, seminars, men’s and women’s conferences, specific church events and small group gatherings.