Nathan Project Board

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The Nathan Project is a ministry of hope, training and recovery for men who struggle with compulsive use of pornography and sexual addiction, the spouses and ex-spouses of these men and the families trapped in this menacing cycle of addiction. As co-founders Rick and Vicki Kardos have been engaged in the battle for Christian solutions to this ever growing problem since the launch of the Nathan Project in 2002.

Rick brings both real life experiences as a healthy survivor of sexual addiction that began at age 13. He also has extensive training to build, oversee and train leaders for recovery groups dealing with the addiction. He also provides limited crisis counseling to men in the early stages of admission to their struggle and the difficulty of full disclosure.

From the first FMO group that began in 2003 the men’s ministry of Nathan Project has expanded to as many as fifty groups spread across New England. Rick is also available to speak at Men’s Functions, Ministry Banquets and tChurches, sharing Christian solutions for life in our sexualized culture.

Vicki has both the life experience of being married to and dealing with the compulsive behavior of an addict as well as training to build and run women’s groups for spouses (FWO). She is a Certified Pastoral Sexual Addiction Specialist with AACCSAS (as is Rick) and a Certified Genesis Counselor with Michael Dye’s Genesis Project. From her first year running groups in 2003 the FWO groups are now being utilized in 11 or more churches in NH, MA, VT and CT.