02/22 | Iron Sharpens Iron VT
XX/XX | NP-VT Silent Auction/Benefit - Cancelled!
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05/02 | Iron Sharpens Iron NH - Cancelled!
08/29 | Bowl-A-Thon - It was a blast!

VT-February 22 - Burlington(St. Albans)
NH & ME-May 2 -Cancelled
NY-April 18 - Cancelled
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16th Annual


August 24th, 2020
4:00-7:00 PM

Merrimack Ten Pin     |     698 DW Highway, Merrimack, NH 03054

Bowl-A-Thon 2020

Thank you to Goedecke Paint, Flooring and Design Center - our sponsor and ministry partner - individual donors, bowlers, and families who attended the Bowl-a-thon this year! What a great time we all had! A special thanks to Merrimack Ten Pin Bowling Center for the gracious and wonderful service they provided along with their beautiful bowling alley - they provided us with safe, clean, facilities! We all enjoyed great bowling, food and fundraising!

You blessed the Nathan Project, and we appreciate you!

God Bless,

Rick and Vicki

5 Things You Can Do At Home While Quarantined From COVID-19 (That Don’t Include Watching Porn)

1. Binge-watch When Calls the Heart :) or your favorite amazing documentary series or your favorite cooking show…and then call friends and neighbors or co-workers at home (where we now live). Binging good heart-warming stories, inspiration, and humor-filled content then share in conversations with others. In short, it will grow relationships not increase more alone time.

2. Spend the time you would be commuting planning delicious, healthy meals. A lot of people are transitioning to “work from home” cutting the time of getting ready and commuting to and from the office or job site. With that time try planning tasty healthy home-cooked dinners you haven’t gotten around to in years. And blog or post or text or call others with your new menu items! Check out this vegan GF soy-free blog or this low-fat colorful and delicious family-friendly blog, maybe fitness-focused eating with fabulous healthy ways to cook meat and vegetables. Or just start Googling — the options are endless.

3. Get creative with exercise—and do it every day. Similar to the thoughts on cooking, your new schedule is likely to open up in COVID-19 season of social distancing. Whether it’s 30 minutes of commute time you’re saving or entire days because your normal life is totally on standby, use the space created to exercise. It is old news but the positive effects of exercise cannot be overstated. Especially during this time of high anxiety, stress, and isolation – help keep your body and your mind healthy!

Moving the body encourages the creation of new brain cells (so I’m told), and helps to make you feel more energetic and motivated. For the record and Nathan Project advice, porn does the opposite, often making consumers feel lazy, unmotivated, and depressed. So have fun working out — go on jogs, try new in-home workouts, do a yoga routine, challenge your partner or a friend to do 500 body squats with you on Zoom counting for each other! Whatever gets you moving…

4. Start a “swap” with your friends or neighbors. We can get through social distancing, avoiding crowds and gatherings, without completely isolating ourselves. Think of a fun “swap” to get going with your local friends or neighbors. If you’re into reading, start a book trading circle and pass your favorite reads around. Or swap movie suggestions. Make playlists that motivate you to get through isolated days and swap with friends. Maybe “swapping” you’re energetic workout playlist for someone else’s stress-reducing classical one. Recipes, pantry ingredients, yard games you love to play at home, board games—the options go on and on. What’s the point? Stay connected to people even in quarantine!

5. This is a tough one. Take a break from technology. As difficult as it may be, consider taking this opportunity to take a break from technology. If your normal life is filled with texts, calls, computer work, news, social media, and overall busyness, try ditching all that for a couple weeks when it isn’t completely necessary. When you feel bored and restless, resist the instinct to grab your phone. Go on a walk, sit on the front steps and do a shout with the people across the street, read something, listen to something, or just daydream and let your mind relax. I hear that tech breaks can increase your present-moment awareness, improve your sleep, deepen your interpersonal connections, increase your productivity and learning, and help you break the bad habit of mindlessly scrolling through social feeds. You will love memories of friends and family versus seeing pictures of their dog…

Adapted from FTND article “5 Things You Can Do At Home While Quarantined From COVID-19 (That Don’t Include Watching Porn)." www.fightthenewdrug.org

Iron Sharpens Iron 2020 Dates are all Cancelled due to Covid19