Fouad Faris
2013 Men's Breakfast

Ted Roberts 2013 Nathan Project Benefit

A 6 DVD Series discussing, educating, and encouraging the user by sharing a path to recovery and health from his compulsive use and addiction to pornography.

Covenant Eyes provides Internet solutions to protect your integrity online.

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Pure Desire
Dr. Ted Roberts
Seven Pillars of Freedom
Men's Workbook

Dr. Ted Roberts
The Genesis Process -
Change Book 1 & 2

Michael Dye
Wired for Intimacy:
How Pornography Hijacks
the Male Brain

William Struthers, Ph.D.
False Intimacy
Harry W. Schaumburg
Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction
Dr. Mark R. Laaser
Addiction and Grace
Gerald May
Joe McIlhaney, MD and
Freda McKissic Bush, MD
If Only He Knew
Gary Smalley
Victory Over the Darkness
Neil T. Anderson
The Bondage Breaker
Neil T. Anderson
The Shadow Christian
Al Cole
Henry Cloud and
John Townsend
The Purity Principle
Randy Alcorn
Out of the Shadows:
Understanding Sexual

Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.
Grace Walk
Steve McVey
Rebuilding Your Father
Dr. James L. Schaller
Where Is God When It Hurts?
Philip Yancey
Men’s Secret Wars
Patrick A.Means
Fatal Attraction:
Why Sex Sins

Are Worse than Others
Jack Hayford

Betrayal & Beyond - Workbook 1, 2 & 3
Diane Roberts
Eight Pillars to Freedom from love addiction & sexual issues
Diane Roberts
An Affair of the Mind
Lori Hall
No More

Melodie Beattie
Spouses of Sex Addicts:
Hope for the Journey
Richard Blankenship
Living with Your
Secret Wars
Marsha Means
Your Sexually Addicted Spouse:
How Partners Can Cope and Heal
Barbara Steffens andMarsha Means

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